KoLab – a collaborative, interactive atlas of system improvement activities designed to collect international knowledge and experience and connect you with experts nationally and internationally who have already identified solutions to your problems – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The challenges facing the delivery of health and other public sector services across New Zealand and around the world aren’t unique – indeed, they are very similar.  Finding solutions however is a global challenge and the best opportunity open to us is collaboration; sharing our learning, experiences and skills, in order to bring about change – faster and more effectively.
We needed a mechanism not only to share knowledge, but more importantly to learn, share and activate tangible change, together.  Many of these learnings, reflections and solutions already exist, but often they are developed and exist in isolation and are not broadly shared and communicated.  KoLab provides this solution.

Ko Awatea understands the need and opportunity for us all to maximise the impact of these initiatives. Ko Awatea KoLab map