Ross Sparks *, Branko Celler , Chris Okugami , Rajiv Jayasena and Marlien Varnfield

Telehealth Monitoring of Patients in the Community

Abstract: This article outlines a decision support system that seeks to help community nurses monitor the

well-being of their chronically ill patients. It is designed for nurses to stay in contact with their patients

without spending unnecessary time on less productive aspects of community nursing, such as avoidable

driving to and from patients ’ houses and taking measurements of vital signs to assess their health condition.

It therefore allows the nurse to spend more time on managing the factors that could lead to a healthier patient.

The decision support system is developed for two levels of mathematical capability. Nurses with a statistical

background are provided with in-depth information allowing them to detect changes in mean, mean square

error (and hence variation), and correlations using a variation on dynamic principle components. Less mathematically

inclined nurses are offered information about trends, change points, and a simpler multivariate

view of a patient ’ s well-being involving parallel coordinate plots.

Keywords: surveillance, early detection, false discovery rate, well-being.

DOI 10.1515/jisys-2014-0123