The process by which a new product or service is brought to market.

Commercialization is broken into phases, from the initial introduction of the product through to mass production and adoption. It takes into account the regulation, production, distribution, marketing, sales and customer support required to achieve commercial success.

Being an innovator, for many, is a journey into the unknown. Observation delivered you to the starting blocks. However, there are some essential steps you need to take to be successful, the first is motivation. Following closely behind is preparation: Evaluating and developing your idea, assessing the landscape and competition, ensuring you have freedom to operate and considering your Intellectual Property options. Which will bring you swiftly to a need for funding. Potential investors will want to ensure you have the right strategy, processes and business model.

Business Model Canvas link courtesy of Strategyzer Business Model Canvas is designed by Alexander Osterwalder and the Business Model Foundry, is a lean start up template. It is based on the assumption that a business model can be described with nine basic building blocks: key activities, key partners, key resources, value propositions, customer relationship, customer segments, channels, cost structure, revenue streams.

Your connections are fundamental. As is making contact and building relationships with a wider network to leverage support, opportunities and increase the likelihood of success.

We can assist you to define and value your idea, consider potential pathways for development and provide key connections or introductions. Contact us to discuss your idea.