Health Innovation Hub
Accelerating Smart Ideas
Confidentially and alongside the clinicians, we provide industry with access to clinicians and their new ideas. We also provide innovative clinicians with advice on product design and health innovation funding options. We can help you get where you want to go, faster.

We offer a unique opportunity to collect objective feedback on the commercial reality of how a product is being used. We’re able explore what is needed to achieve sales in New Zealand and internationally.

The Hub represents the four largest DHBs in New Zealand, where the facilities and standard of care procedures offered are considered world class clinical practice.  Many of our DHBs have ‘key opinion’ status and depth- of -experience in procedures as well as other clinical areas.


Unleashing talent

We bring together health and industry innovators to streamline the progression of concepts toward prototyping, clinical validation and commercial success.

Don’t wait for an opportunity, make one.

If you’ve identified a problem and come up with a solution, let’s talk.

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