Public healthcare is funded through general taxation and is only available to New Zealand residents.

Twenty DHBs fund the provision allocated via a population based formula by the Ministry of Health. The funding covers primary care, public health services, aged care, and services provided by other health providers, including Maori and Pacific Providers.

There are 220 hospitals (private and public) in New Zealand.

New Zealand has an aging population. Those aged 65 and over is expected to be 1 million people by 2020.

We also have one of the highest rates of allergic disease, affecting up to 20% of the population, mainly young people of working age, and their children. The total cost each year for treatment is estimated to be over $8 billion.

New Zealand has high rates of obesity and diabetes, disproportionately present in the Maori and Polynesian populations.

Healthcare delivery is increasingly consolidating with regional and national plans. Agencies such as Health Alliance are increasingly responsible for procurement as are PHARMAC. The National Health IT Board have detailed information on their website. See our Resources page for more detail.

“Most developed countries are spending a disproportionate amount of their GDP on health care, it’s increasing and it’s not sustainable. In many of those nations, it’s the government that is paying for health care and has the most incentive to manage those costs.”

Ed Tomlinson Advisory — PI Ernst & Young

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What sort of Ideas are we looking for?

We are looking for ideas that can be widely adopted because they:

  • make a material difference to people’s health, here and in other countries;
  • make clinicians’ jobs easier and more effective, so clinicians will want to adopt them; and
  • reduce the cost of care, so public and private funders will want to fund them.

Q. Does the NZHIH have access to funding?

NZHIH is an agent for the MBIE Pre Seed Accelerator Fund programme. Strict criteria apply but that can be discussed with one of our team.

NZHIH works with other agencies like Callaghan Innovation, NZTE, ATEED and the Canterbury Development Corporation.

Q. Does the NZHIH have private funding connections?

We can provide advice and assist innovators in accessing funds. We also work with venture capital funds.