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Fast tracking our healthcare innovation

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Improving health outcomes for New Zealanders… one innovation at a time.

Got a new product or service that will improve health outcomes, but unsure how to complete the development journey and get it rolled out?

The New Zealand Health Innovation Hub (NZHIH) is here to help accelerate and scale healthcare innovations originating from Te Whatu Ora. Innovators from universities and Crown Research Institutes can access our services through their technology transfer offices. We can also support private sector innovations that require public sector partnership to reach potential.

NZHIH is the commercialisation entity for the public healthcare sector.

We are the only Ministry of Health approved entity for national commercialisation of public health innovations from Te Whatu Ora.

NZHIH can connect you to innovation teams in district health boards around the country who can provide valuable input and feedback.

We understand public healthcare, we have the connections and the commercial skillsets and we know what it takes to get a new venture off the ground.

We can help you to develop your product or service, consider how it can be rolled out (everything from intellectual property strategy to a business plan), and provide key connections or introductions to help take your innovation to the marketplace. We may even be able to help with funding.

This graphic shows how we work



Innovative idea for new product or service

Idea developed to the point where innovators have confidence in its viability

Innovators draw up an invention disclosure – describing the invention



Innovators approach NZHIH

NZHIH connects innovators with people or organisations that can validate originality, and provide market and technical assessments

Innovators and NZHIH workshop the innovation’s potential and its fit with our public health system



Innovators and NZHIH work together to identify and plan for next steps including:

  • proof of concept development
  • market research
  • IP protection
  • IP share of benefits
  • industry co-design
  • clinical trial
  • commercial validation pilot
  • sustainable value proposition
  • health impact assessment


Innovators and NZHIH work on the nuts and bolts of IP, business case, business model, funding requirements, license arrangements, IP assignment, partnership/ company structure etc

Innovation is rolled out and scaled

NZHIH financial gains are returned to the health sector to nurture and develop future innovations

Email us at enquiries@innovation.health.nz or use our contact form to start a conversation with us.

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