Health Technology Innovation Journey in NZ

Health Technology Innovation Framework

The Ministry of Health has developed a Health Technology Innovation Framework to provide direction to health technology innovators and guide the use of emerging health technologies to support a strong and equitable public health and disability system.

Key success factors will involve:

  • Strong connections with research partners who are working on solving the right problems
  • Regional incubation and acceleration
  • Supporting emerging New Zealand health technology businesses when attempting to secure their first customers or preparing to sell overseas. Generating benefits for the health system for participating in the commercialisation process by means that include supporting the New Zealand Health Innovation Hub
  • Balancing regulatory and procurement levers
  • Building and leveraging foundational health assets and strengths

More information can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website here 

“Most developed countries are spending a disproportionate amount of their GDP on health care, it’s increasing and it’s not sustainable. In many of those nations, it’s the government that is paying for health care and has the most incentive to manage those costs.”

Ed Tomlinson Advisory — PI Ernst & Young

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What sort of Ideas are we looking for?

We are looking for ideas that can be widely adopted because they:

  • make a material difference to people’s health, here and in other countries;
  • make clinicians’ jobs easier and more effective, so clinicians will want to adopt them; and
  • reduce the cost of care, so public and private funders will want to fund them.

Q. Does the NZHIH have access to funding?

NZHIH is a pooling member in MBIE’s KiwiNet PreSeed Accelerator Fund programme. Strict criteria apply but that can be discussed with one of our team.

NZHIH has the ability to co-fund eligible projects and also works with other agencies like Callaghan Innovation and NZTE.

Q. Does the NZHIH have private funding connections?

We can provide advice and assist innovators in accessing funds. We also work with venture capital funds.