Innovation is an important part of healthcare delivery.

The demand is for innovation that can:

  • lower healthcare delivery risk,
  • lower costs,
  • and improve healthcare delivery.

NZHIH establishes and develops strategic partnerships between the public health sector, industry, research organisations, universities and other parties that have potential to lead healthcare outcomes and facilitate economic gain.

We introduce partners from industry to deliver better health outcomes through co-development. Collaboration with industry can produce better products and savings.

Our goal is to create a culture of innovation and collaboration and increase the sharing of ideas amongst New Zealand’s public health sector.

“The digital world, the internet and the cloud, supercomputing and social networking — are breaking medicine out of its cocoon. It’s a super convergence we’ve seen in other walks of life but not in the health and medical sphere.”

Eric J. TopalM.D. Co-Founder and Vice Chairman West Wireless Health Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the information I disclose about my idea/invention be confidential?

We assure confidentiality:

  • in all cases we include a discussion about what confidentiality requirements there may be and how these will be applied
  • An explicit confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement can be signed beforehand.

Q. Does the NZHIH have access to funding?

NZHIH is a pooling member in MBIE’s KiwiNet PreSeed Accelerator Fund programme. Strict criteria apply but that can be discussed with one of our team.

NZHIH has the ability to co-fund eligible projects and also works with other agencies like Callaghan Innovation and NZTE.

Q. What is the policy on ownership of Intellectual Property?

Every case is different and should be discussed. Generally, intellectual property (IP) generated during the course of employment belongs to the employer. However, many profit sharing models exist and some DHBs have an IP Policy which we follow.

The Introduction to Intellectual Property page provides basic information on IP.