We deliver events and workshops

NZHIH is part of a community that focuses on innovation and change. Each year we host a range of events in conjunction with local DHBs and the health innovation ecosystem.

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding of the fundamental elements of commercialisation i.e. patent protection, government regulations, market validation etc.

Our goal is to connect the combined strengths of the public health sector and private sector businesses and investors to deliver improved health outcomes and economic benefit for the public health system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the policy on ownership of Intellectual Property?

Every case is different and should be discussed. Generally, intellectual property (IP) generated during the course of employment belongs to the employer. However, many profit sharing models exist and some DHBs have an IP Policy which we follow.

The Introduction to Intellectual Property page provides basic information on IP.

Q. Does the NZHIH have access to funding?

NZHIH is a pooling member in MBIE’s KiwiNet PreSeed Accelerator Fund programme. Strict criteria apply but that can be discussed with one of our team.

NZHIH has the ability to co-fund eligible projects and also works with other agencies like Callaghan Innovation and NZTE.

Q. Does the NZHIH have private funding connections?

We can provide advice and assist innovators in accessing funds. We also work with venture capital funds.